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An Apron

By: Laura

I think the art of the apron got lost in the feminist movement—when it was thrown off by women like a liberated prisoner throws off shackles. The practicality, usefulness, and loveliness of aprons were temporarily forgotten, but I believe there is a resurgence brewing, so I’m coming out with it:

I absolutely adore aprons.

As I was growing up, every year my mom declared familial New Year themes—“More in ’04” to live life to the fullest,  “Healthy Addition” in 2005 resulted in an extra side of vegetables on the table, and so on. In 2008 my mom declared the year’s theme to be “A Beautiful Life,” meaning make all the little things about your life as lovely as possible. I was in college at the time and when I returned from break, my roommate had been gifted the most glorious apron I had seen to date.

It was instantaneous: I had apron envy.

Julie just looked better in the kitchen wearing her apron. She had more fun in the kitchen wearing her apron, and maybe it was just me, but it’s like her food was more delicious thanks to the apron. It was clear the apron was a key ingredient to a beautiful life.  And I had to have one. Or several.

Admittedly I’ve perhaps gone overboard on my apron collection since. But nothing spiffs up life like a good apron. I know what you’re thinking—but these aren’t your grandmother’s aprons.

Take this apron—it’s so good look’n you could wear it to a party if you don’t mind a draft in back. And you’d probably get bought a few drinks while out if you did.

This is one of my favorite aprons because it has what I refer to as “the cell phone pocket.” It also comes in children’s sizes, which is almost too adorable.

They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Look at the detail!

Aprons add a little glamour to mundane chores. Sunday afternoons I waltz around in an apron regardless of what I’m doing—just for the cell phone pocket and because I’m prone to spilling.

In summary I’m pretty sure women can run Families, Fortune 500 Companies, and America—all while wearing an apron. So embrace the idea of getting and wearing an apron—it will make life a little more beautiful.


(All of the above fantastic aprons are from Anthropologie.)

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