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Creating a Thanksgiving Tablescape

By: Laura
Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It’s Thanksgiving go-time, America. And while I know you’ve been dreaming of your Thanksgiving menu, don’t neglect your table décor.

For the last several years I’ve been a leaf collector.  Yes, I know, but it’s one of the many geriatric hobbies I adore. Missouri’s leaves, good. DC’s leaves, great. Boston’s leaves, Thanksgiving-tastic.

Many of my friends are throwing their first Thanksgiving, so I decided to share the secret table décor formula:

Pumpkin + flowers + leaves =  glorious tablescape for your delicious food.  









You can collect leaves all season, but starting today is not too late! A quick 24-hour press is good enough for your leaves. Think variety in size, color, and shape.









Centerpiece Instructions

Step 1: For your centerpiece, get a pumpkin and carve it out Halloween-style, except leave the hole in the top of the pumpkin slightly smaller—the size of a vase opening.

Step 2: Set a small vase or large drinking glass inside the pumpkin, and fill it with water.

Step 3: Trim your seasonally colored flowers and arrange them in the pumpkin

Viola! Pumpkin centerpiece. Now scatter the leaves around the table. You can spice things up with small candles and additional gourds. 

Elegant Thanksgiving Table









Moral of this story? If you see someone collecting leaves, don’t judge them. Their Thanksgiving table décor will likely dominate yours.

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